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About Us

Hydroponics Gardening is a new way of planting crops in modern times. We use Innovative methods of gardening to minimize waste and maximize the profit in the most efficient way.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” as the quote says therefore preparing food is with love, effort, and sacrifice. Even if we know these words. We should also consider where to get the right supplies.

At MYPS, we value every customer’s warm support in every purchase, it is our goal to satisfy everyone through our products. By giving them that optimistic feeling by chomping in our well-grown fresh herbs. And also knowing that the plants raised with tender love and compassion fulfills that social need we all wanted. 

Hand-picked loved and cared for, our crops grow not only from the nutrients we give but also from the nurture and attention we freely devote to.

Aside from the appetizing look, the crops we yield are all about being green in the best possible way, the look, the feel, the smell, and the sound it creates as you chop some for your master chef level salad and dreamy gourmet.

We get that almost everyone wanted to go green, not just for the planet but also for the body we all value no matter how much of a junkie lover we all are.

Our products are all about giving our customers that feeling of being chemical-free and crop efficient in producing quality products as well as that homegrown trust in our products are some of our vital goals in our company.

“Healthy and Innovative products for a tasteful life.”
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