Is there a bitter start with a sweet ending?

If life was a movie, we would all want a sweet ending after everything that happened. But in reality, most lives don’t end well. And that’s life. Bitterness abounds. It sucks, we get you. However, food is our therapy. It’s our last resort to make us happy.


Santol or Lolly Fruit is a fruit widely known for its bitter-sour taste of the shell but seeds covered in sweet fruit flesh. The shells are often dipped in a mixture of salt and chili seeds or soy sauce combined with different ingredients. They are eaten as a snack or a course to eat before meals. The trees seasonally bear fruits during winter so people love picking some for everybody to eat. Hence it’s a comfort snack for everyone to enjoy. However, is it all just the flavor that gives a sweet ending?


You heard that one right. Lolly fruits contains anti-oxidants because of vitamin B & C content that help prevent cardiovascular diseases plaguing most of the world’s population because of old age, unhealthy lifestyle, or genetics. Lolly Fruit is a go-to remedy to ward off sickness before it even develop. Talk about taking medicine while enjoying it.

The Verdict?

As true as it is, Lolly Fruit or Santol is more than just a fruit. The bitter-sour taste at the beginning is incomparable to the sweet-sweet ending of the seed. Not to mention the health benefits it contains. Life is fair, in this case, food is. So why not give it a try, find yourself some lolly fruit and you can wave your heartaches goodbye. Need more options, give that button a push to choose from our products below.

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