Taro Leaves for tempted hearts

Planning on taking a new diet plan? Vegetarian diet to be precise? As a vegetarian, most love animals too much to eat another meat. Others simply want to eat healthily. But most of our well-loved recipes don’t go well with meat-alternatives or no-meat ingredients. Laing for example, a well known Bicolano dish made from Gabi leaves, Pork Belly, and coconut milk. Our cravings may be strong but our desire to submit to our dedication of meat-free diet is stronger. So what can do about it?

Leaves for a longer life

Taro, also known as vegetarian meat, has long been over being fried or steamed as a meat substitute for a lot of recipes. Hence, not only the vegetable but also the leaves have a lot of benefits for a better life, some of these are:

  • Taro leaves are low in fat and high in protein. Perfect choice if you’re looking for a diet to reduce fat and gain muscle.
  • It contains omega 3, an essential fatty acid that provides material for hormones to control the contraction and relaxation of the arteries wall. When this mechanism is going well, the blood pressure can be controlled to a normal level.
  • Taro leaves have 1 percent total fat with no cholesterol. The dietary fiber and methionine it contains can reduce the cholesterol effectively by binding and breaking down fat and cholesterol especially triglyceride.  
  • It contains the amino acid called threonine which aids the formation of elastin and collagen that are good for healthy skin.

Taro to Taste!

As researchers are yet to discover more and more alternatives to meat not only for the flavor. But also, for the texture and feels when we eat meat. Taro has been the most affordable and easy to work on among the options. It gives that meatlike flavor in different recipes to avoid getting fed up (Umay in Tagalog) with the rich and strong flavors of the dishes.

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